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Kristy Miyashita in various scenes of her Peace Corps work in Paraguay

Navigating Outside of Four Walls

“I want to reframe everyone’s mindset that nursing and human security can’t go together, because they can and should. I think there’s this very strong, preconceived notion that nurses are at the bedside and we’re just clinicians,” says Kristy Miyashita, a current master’s student pursuing a Global... Read More

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  • Myriam Narcisse
    - 'Mama HAGN'
    “Most Haitians understand that education is the ticket to a good future. As a schoolgirl I would joyously rifle through my new textbooks to enjoy the intoxicating scent of... Read More
  • Juliet Webber
    - An Evolving Space
    Juliet Webber?’23G epitomizes patience and perseverance in her work in higher education. As the director of UNH Professional Development and Training, she has carefully built a... Read More
  • chuck hotchkiss studying at desk as young professor; chuck as young father with infant son asleep; michael swack and chuck hotchkiss reunited and standing on UNH campus
    - The Power of People United
    For Chuck Hotchkiss, the key to lasting social impact is ensuring that everyday people have a real share of the power in their communities. “In organizing 101, they tell you that... Read More
  • Carolyn Arcand
    - Embrace the Future
    “How can we build better support for our communities to thrive at an individual and collective level?” asks Carolyn Arcand, program director of the master of public administration... Read More
  • Team presentation at the Social Venture Innovation Challenge
    - UNH Celebrates Students and Alumni at Annual Social Venture Innovation Challenge
    Student and alumni innovators alike were celebrated last week at the culminating events of the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC), UNH’s annual idea competition. Paige... Read More
  • Call to Action
    - Call to Action
    Faced with deep social injustice, some hear a clarion call to action. Alioune Sidi Mzeirigue ’22G, a self-described member of the Hratine former slave community in the Sahel... Read More
  • Jolan Rivera
    - Citizen of the World
    “I live my life according to my personal values. My choices will never bring me great wealth or power but I am happy to be living my vocation.” Those are the words of Jolan Rivera... Read More
  • A photo of a vendor at the Exeter Farmers Market selling her items to a customer. New UNH research highlights New England consumers’ perspectives of farmers markets with the goal of identifying new strategies for making these and other alternative food markets more viable for farmers and food producers.
    - Examining Perspectives of New England Farmers Markets
    Research?led by scientists from UNH's?COLSA and Carsey School examines consumer views on farmers?markets and other alternative food networks. Read More
  • an image of carolyn arcand with a background image of the UNH campus
    - Compelled by Complexities
    Dr. Carolyn Arcand doesn’t shy away from the issues and intricacies of the world; she embraces them.? “I'm always keeping an eye on things that are unfolding around me in terms of... Read More
  • a photo of melinda Negron-Gonzales who is wearing a red scarf. In the background is a map of the world with a blue background showing countries
    - The Power of Ordinary People Driving Policy Change
    In July, Dr. Melinda Negrón-Gonzales will officially make the jump from Manchester to Durham and join the faculty at the Carsey School of Public Policy. The 30-mile move may not... Read More